Rise of Consciousness

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Consciousness Shop is more than a Blog.

Here we begin the most fascinating journey to explore the final frontier of human existence — CONSCIOUSNESS, and its many facets, riddles and possibilities.

Academics – for you here is a storehouse of a variety of cross-disciplinary content on consciousness studies…

Philosophers – for you here is another mystery to unravel, but with a difference — use less number of concepts, enliven them all, bring in phenemenology…

Psychologists – for you SELF returns here, not in the garb of Freud, Jung, or James, but in the emperor’s new cloth…

Artists – for you the complex designs that neural structures doodle to give a sense of beauty, order and aesthetic relish…

Brain Scientists – for you the tools to ‘look within’ though that may not be a technically suitable project for your discipline…

None of the above – for you there is much to discover…

Consciousness Shop is developed and conceptualised by Prof Sangeetha Menon and her Associates.


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Sangeetha Menon
, Ph.D.
National Institute of Advanced Studies
Indian Institute of Science Campus
Bangalore, India, PIN 560012

URL: consciousnessshop.com

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